10 Best Cooking Shows to Cozy Up With This Winter

It is so nice to cozy up in the winter with a good cooking show. I've watched and enjoyed many, but here are a list of some of my favorites.

1. Two Greedy Italians

These guys take the cake. Top spot, 100%. If they could make 10 more seasons, I would watch 10 more seasons. Go take a tour of Italy with these hilarious old Italian chefs, and you will enjoy the food, the banter, the scenery, and learn some new skills while you're at it.

2. The Mind of A Chef

This is definitely a top fave. Seeing how these brilliant chefs think and work is fascinating. There are many different chefs, and you see them interacting with each other too. It really gives a feel for what this profession is like, at its finest.

3. The French Chef

Dare I go further without mentioning Julia Child and her infamous show? Definitely worth a watch.

4. Food Network

I know it may be wrong to group Barefoot Contessa in with Giada DeLaurentis and Pioneer Woman, but to me these shows all have a similar pace and similar feel and when choosing which one to watch you just go with the type of food or personality that fits your current mood. They're all sort of set the same and slowly go through a recipe or two, but they are enjoyable and a good background show to have on while folding laundry or cooking your own dinner.

5. Chef's Table

The filmography in this is absolutely beautiful. Chef's Table chronicles the stories and menus of several of the best chefs in the world, and it does so in such a way that makes you really appreciate the art and the craft behind what they are doing.

6. Cooked

Whether or not you like Michael Pollan's personality, you will learn a lot of really cool facts by watching this beautifully made show. The techniques, the music, the filmography all give you appreciation for the natural aspects of cooking. Pollan raises good questions, and teaches much good-- that you don't have to be an expert cook to bake a loaf of bread or use fresh local ingredients.

7. Salt Fat Acid Heat

An amazing book, and an amazing show. I really love watching Samin Nosrat. She feels like your best friend, or your Mom, and takes you on these beautiful culinary learning adventures that even the simplest of people would understand. You do not need to be super smart, or super into cooking to enjoy learning from Samin. She is funny and kind, and the friendships in this show are very sweet.

8. BBQ Pit Masters

My husband and I both loved this show. Season 1 is fantastic, 2 is decent and 3 is drastically different / not as good at all. You get a real taste for competition barbecue, and the personalities of the people who compete in them. This is a fun watch in the winter, when you're dreaming of all those summer foods and BBQ flavors.

9. Competition Shows (Chopped, Top Chef, Iron Chef, Hell's Kitchen, etc.)

To be honest, these all blur together in my mind and they can be a bit stressful and over dramatized. However, I have learned a lot of cooking skills from them, and they are fun when you get into them. Most of these I binge watched in college while avoiding homework, or when sick on the couch.

10. No Reservations / Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain is... not someone to watch in front of the children. Nor do I necessarily enjoy his rough-rebel schtick. However, he is an excellent TV host and chef and I have learned so much from this show. It is really enjoyable to watch, and seeing him travel the world eating and cooking is like going on a mini-vacation yourself. So if you're faint-hearted, fast forward over the death metal concerts and drug references, and enjoy one of America's best TV chef's life's work.

And that's the list! Do you have any other faves? I'd love to hear about them!