Holiday Fashion Round Up! 10 Christmas Dresses Under $100

This year I found myself less than impressed with the holiday dress options I was seeing, and so I decided to scour the internet for some of my holiday faves in case you, like me, are having trouble finding a dress this year. I am keeping all of these below $100, because I know many of us are on a budget and a new dress isn't always the spending priority when there are gifts for children, friends, and family to be bought. 

I struggled when making this gift guide because I know so many of you have many different styles, and I really like and appreciate seeing them all. I had to narrow it down and be true to myself though, so these are all dresses that I actually like and would wear. That means I didn't include some of the many other wonderful dresses out there that weren't quite to my taste. Happy hunting!

First off, this black and white dress from Amazon is one loved by many women. I think it was featured as a favorite of meteorologists across the country. I have a short sleeved version of this in blue, and it even has pockets! If you wanted to make this even more Christmassy, you could pair it with a fancy necklace, a red scarf, or sweater overtop.
Dress with pockets from Amazon
I can sometimes be reluctant to wear something bright-bright, but this is Christmas, so I say go for it! I love the ruffle Edwardian-style collar on this dress from Loft, it is understated and modern while still having a bit of vintage feel.

Ruffle sweater dress from Loft
Speaking of GOING FOR IT with color, I had to include a gold dress option. Though I might not wear it to mass (or maybe I would), this would be perfect for hosting a Christmas party or singing a solo in a holiday concert. So many stores were sold out of their gold dress options this year! I haven't tried this brand before, but I love this style.

Gold shift dress from Solarcute

Is Buffalo Plaid outdated? If so, I don't want to be right. This flannel dress looks so cozy, and for a high quality new dress that price can't be beat.

Buffalo Plaid dress from Gap Factory

This mustard colored country floral has beautiful red and green touches in the flowers, but is a dress you could wear all fall and winter for other occasions. I love the soft flowy layers on this one, it is girly without being over the top.
Floral dress from ROOLEE

This white dress at H&M reminds me of Jackie Kennedy, or Queen Elizabeth. I love the pearl detail at the neckline, you wouldn't even need to wear a necklace with this.

From H&M
This dress keeps popping up on my newsfeed and oh how I wish that I was tall enough to pull it off. The shiny understated sparkles are so beautiful and classy.

Shiny Maxi Dress from ModCloth

This green velvet Vince Camuto dress is so pretty! If you find that velvet dresses show too many lines, just throw on a slip underneath. I recommend the looser (not ultra-tight) kind for comfort and
ease of wear.

Vince Camuto at Macy's
PinkBlush had so many beautiful options, long and short, maternity, conventional, and plus-sizing... but they are known for their lovely and stylish maxi dresses and so that is what I have for you here. This plus-sized burgundy dress is so lovely. For these floor length ones, I really love the solid colors, and there are so many options to choose from.

PinkBlush burgundy chiffon
I looove a good sweater dress. They are cozy, and warm, and perfect for cold winter weather. This camel colored dress from Old Navy is very cute, and would be perfect with leggings. Fleece-lined leggings if you live in a place with extra cold winters! This year I actually vowed to myself that I would not spend another Christmas freezing my legs or arms off for the sake of fashion, and a sweater dress is a great way to look nice while staying warm.

Cable knit sweater dress from Old Navy

Have you found any other beautiful Christmas dresses this year? Are you re-wearing an old favorite? I am glad that I took the time to look, there are many cute ones out there!