Why are men are so hard to shop for? The number one question I always find myself asking when it comes to Christmas gift ideas is "What I am going to get my Grandpa, or my Father in Law, or my husband?" We've done the ties, the coffee mugs, the bottles of whiskey. Here are fifteen of my top favorite gift ideas that I have given to the men in my life and that they have enjoyed or appreciated.  

1. Landjaeger

This smoked sausage is delicious, and perhaps not something you'd buy often for your husband or father. If you don't have a local butcher or sausage shop, these ones from Amazon have been a hit in our family. My son likes them too!

2. Fun Glassware

I found these awesome pool ball glasses on E-bay and will be giving them to my Dad this year. Whatever your man is into, I'm sure there is fun kitschy glassware to go with his hobby.

3. Slippers

There are years that we buy really good quality local handmade wool and leather slippers, and there are years that we get an inexpensive pair from a big box store and let that be that, because ANY slippers are wonderful and cozy. And I have noticed, that though I love the well made ones, they get stained, and faded, and need replacing about as often as the budget-friendly slippers.

4. Tolkien's Letters From Father Christmas book

We love this book. The handwritten letters inside are beautiful and sweet, and show Tolkien's love for his children as well as his excellent penmanship and art skills.

5. Wallet

This nice quality wallet is one I got for my husband a few years back, and it has really held up well. We've also used the thin RFID blocking metal ones, which are nice for when you have very few things to carry. 

6. Spice rack

I gave this spice rack to my Dad last year, and he and Mom have both loved it. My Dad likes to make his own spice mixes for fish, soups, grilling, and so this was a nice way to store not just the regular spices but his homemade blends.

7. Grill thermometer

There are many grill thermometers out there, but this one takes the cake. It is decently priced, has many probes, and there is an app so that you can control and view the temperature from your phone. Both my husband and father have this thermometer, and I use it inside for bread making and cooking projects too.

8. Wool socks

It may seem typical to gift socks to men, but high quality long lasting wool socks are a fantastic gift that bring much comfort and joy. The really high quality ones are an especially good gift, because they are not something most people buy for themselves.

9. Cuckoo clock

This is definitely not a gift for everyone, so think about whether a Cuckoo Clock is something the person you're gifting would love, or hate. My husband grew up visiting the Black Forest, and so the sound of these clocks is nostalgic and special to him. If not a cuckoo clock, a nice desktop clock for his office or bedside table would be a great gift!

10. Good quality flannel shirt

There are many varieties of flannel shirt out there, but you want one that is made of cotton, or a blend of wool and cotton. The synthetic blends will not be as soft nor as warm. Our local Macy's often has deals on high quality flannel shirts around Christmastime.

11. Firewood tote

A very practical but welcome gift for any man who brings firewood from the big pile, to the little pile by the house, to the fireplace inside.

12. Fancy cocktail bitters

There are many, many, cocktail themed gift ideas out there. Special bitters or a type of mixer that he wouldn't normally buy for himself makes a great gift, and is something that can be enjoyed together with family and friends during holiday gatherings.

13. Sticker for a stocking stuffer

Laptop stickers are a great gift for a techie guy, and my husband has this Sacred Heart sticker by Baritus Catholic on his computer. There are many stickers available, and they are a great stocking stuffer and excellent way to support your favorite artists.

14. Power drill

Every family will eventually need a power drill. These are useful for so many things, and we received ours when we first started our little family. These can be used for hanging pictures, gardening projects, securing furniture to walls, DIY home projects, and most people don't think to buy one until they need one.

15. Coffee machine upgrade

Does your man take his coffee seriously? Mine does. Big time. This little Mr. Coffee machine is a power house and a great introduction to espresso making if he is looking to dive into that. Other coffee makers we have enjoyed through the years are a good French press, a Moka Bialetti stovetop espresso maker, and an aeropress. The aeropress is especially good for someone who travels a lot, since you can pack it easily and use it in a hotel room.

Do you have any more ideas for man gifts? I'm always looking for new ones and would love to hear yours in the comments!