7 Delicious Teas to Try this Winter

I love a good cup of tea! What can I say, I'm half Brit by blood. These teas are my tried and true favorites, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. Egyptian Chamomile

This is hands down my all time fave. I have tried other chamomiles and they don't compare. Egyptian chamomile is the way to go. I drink this one without anything added, and I think the chamomile itself is a tidge sweet. You can find this tea at your grocery or specialty store, but Amazon has it too with 50 tea bags for $10.

2. PG Tips

This is a regular black tea, but it's very normal tasting and I find it delicious! It does not have a bitter aftertaste like some black teas, it is smoother and just a really good basic tea for daily drinking. Especially with milk and honey. You can find this in the regular grocery store, or Amazon has 240 bags for $12.

3. Russian Caravan Loose Leaf Tea

This is delicious. And strong strong. The kind of tea a scotch drinker might enjoy. It is very smokey and has a robust and deep flavor. It's good, but don't go into it expecting something different. My husband especially loves this one. This tea is a little harder to find, we get ours at a local loose leaf specialty tea store.

4. Earl Grey Tea Latte

At Starbucks they're called a London Fog, and they're a really cozy warm drink when you want a latte without the full caffeine level of one. If I'm not mistaken, Starbucks makes them with a cup of earl grey, a pump of vanilla, and steamed milk.

5. Oolong

Chinese food is one of my all time favorite dinners. In fact, I used to work at a Chinese restaurant. I'd drink tons of this stuff, and it really is delicious.

6. Matcha

I know, I know, the matcha trend. To be honest, I have not even had this tea since it became trendy. But BEFORE it did, there was this sushi place in Scottsdale Arizona that had the most delicious matcha tea. So earthy and creamy!

7. Lemon Ginger

Last but not least, this is more medicinal than tea, but it is fantastic for first trimester nausea. Some brands make a really strong version of this that can be a bit too much, but this one is really good and soothing.


Do you have a favorite tea that wasn't listed here? If so, I'd love to hear about it!