Self Care Sunday 2

Are you guys getting your self care in? I want to stress the idea that good self care can be so much more than a night out or a good beauty product, but that those can definitely be part of your self care routine! For me this week self care looked like:

1. Analyzing which parts of my days were ACTUALLY my favorite, and focusing on doing more of those things. 

Does this sound like self care? For me it is. I realized that when I looked back over my day, my favorite parts would be reading fun books and playing with my children, watching the snow, going on a walk outside, cooking something I love, things like that... but these were not the things that I tended to think of as the #1 priorities or recognize as having such high value. I think when we look back and see what we actually valued about our day, and then try to do more of it, it makes our days happier and more fulfilling.

2. Cappuccinos in bed. 

Need I say more? My husband is incredible, and this is such a sweet gift he gives me some mornings. Is this something you can do for your spouse? Or yourself? When he is tired or headachey, I make our coffees instead and let him enjoy cappuccinos in bed. Sometimes the kids wake up early, or I am hurrying to prepare our breakfast, but these occasional slow mornings can be just what I need to start the day right if I've had a bad night.

3. Winter skincare

Making sure to take care of one's skin and not let it get dry or cracked is so important in the winter. Where we live, winters are bitterly cold and dry, so using some sort of protective products really help. This week I've been enjoying this beeswax face and hand cream that I Love Crete sent me to review and share with you.

It smells so good (like beeswax, frankincense, and myrrh!), is made with 100% natural ingredients from Greece, and it really helps protect my skin from becoming too dry. My husband has tried it and likes it too!

I Love Crete is offering 20% off for you guys if you want to try any of their products, many of them look amazing! The coupon code is MICHELLESOLOMONART and you can click here to shop using the code. These products are all 100% natural, with recyclable packaging, and no animal testing. 

4. Making time for good books

I put down a book I wasn't enjoying (Educated), and picked this one up and 5 chapters in I am still really liking it! For me taking time to listen to audiobooks while I shower, cook, get ready, or whatever is a great way to keep my brain active and continue accomplishing my reading goals even when it can be hard to make time for reading as a mom of little ones.

One of the ways I've been encouraged to read more is by following along with Janssen Bradshaw at EveryDay Reading. She has a book club, recommendations for adults and kids, book discussions, and lots of really practical encouragement from a former librarian as to how to fit more reading into your life and your children's life.

5. Actually remembering to wear hats, gloves, enough layers, etc.

Sound silly? Maybe, and I definitely didn't prioritize this in my highschool, college, or young adult days. Wearing proper gear for cold weather makes me just feel better though, and makes being outdoors, running errands, and going to church more enjoyable. I can tend to want to hunker down and not go anywhere in the winter, and part of that is feeling like if I DO go somewhere, I will inevitably be cold, so being sure to take care and dress for the season means I'm actually more willing to go places and enjoy my time out and about.


What kind of self care have you been doing these week? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!