Campfire Roasting Gets an Upgrade with Safety S'mores

Disclaimer: Safety S'mores sent me sample product to write about in this blog post. All thoughts, opinions, etc. are my own.


When we moved into a new house complete with a fire pit area and outdoor bench, I was super excited to get out there, have some family campfires, and roast some food on sticks. Marshmallows? Yes please. Hot dogs? Sure. Vegetables? Maybe! Let's see what we can do!

The thing about roasting food on sticks though, is that those sticks are kind of dirty. Yes they're going through fire which theoretically helps kill the bacteria, and I sure wouldn't pass up a stick toasted marshmallow... but I also loved the idea of a metal s'mores stick that was washable and reusable, and even better that this one is extra safe for kids!

Safety S'mores sent me a set of their campfire roasting sticks, and I really like them! They are super lightweight, and collapse down to fit in a really small carrying pouch. This would make it easy to take on any camping trip, or just cut down on the things you have to store in your house.

I also like that my children can't really use these sticks as weapons ;) They come with rubber tips attached, and are designed with the pokey parts facing in so it's much harder to accidentally stab someone with the point. I also enjoyed that they could roast two marshmallows at once, which is convenient for big families making lots of s'mores.

I ended up trying these out in the house, because there were some safety concerns about using our fire pit right now, but they worked out great and I cannot wait to get them out there in the real world! The packaging doesn't say so, but  I'm going to go ahead and guess that you can probably run these through a dishwasher. I love that they protect from splinters, and there's a rubber handle so your hand doesn't get hot holding them.

Do you like your marshmallows extra toasty? I do! ;)
So will this absolutely deter me from ever roasting campfire food on sticks? Nah, I love that method, but I also love how easy these are and think they'll be a great tool to use in our backyard fire pit to keep the kids from poking each other or getting splinters.

What do you think? Would you use something like this or are you a traditional stick roasting kind of camper?