Free Meal Planning Template for Apple Pages & PDF

This afternoon when I went to do my regular meal plan, I noticed that there was not an easily downloadable free meal planning template for Apple Pages. There were MANY cute pdf or printable templates, but I wanted one that I could edit on my computer and print out or refer back to from there.

So, I made it myself, and decided to share it with you all :)

It looks like this:

The format of this is just the way I plan things out. I don't plan what we will eat for lunch day by day, I just know what meals we will have for breakfasts and lunches throughout the week.

To get this weekly meal planning template, download it from here and open in your Pages software:

Meal Planning Template for Apple Pages

and since not everyone uses Pages, I will include the PDF file for you:

Meal Planning Template PDF

Enjoy! And please share with anyone you think might get good use out of this :)