Easter Basket Ideas & Favorites

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1. Future Saint Dry-Erase Activity Cards. These are really cute for a mass / adoration bag if you do those!

2. Coloring books:

or this one about saints for girls and this about saints for boys.

4. SaintCards is a great game for older kids who are into card games

5. For a game that fits all ages, this is a go-fish style fishing for Bible characters game


1. These Easter egg wraps are so pretty and bring a religious spin into the egg tradition. We've done them before and they worked well too! If you don't want religious ones, the same company has many beautiful folk art designs.

Or if you'd rather go the regular egg dying route, here is a nice natural set of egg dyes to use
3. For a non-sweet seasonal food item, I love these Easter pasta shapes!

4. Regina Sanctorum is an incredibly talented artist, and these are the Easter cards I got from her last year. She also does hand painted paschal candles so if your parish is in need of one (or you want one for your home), this is the place to get them.

Gifts with a purpose that won't clutter your house:

1. Beautiful handmade children's mugs. I LOVE these from Catholic artisan Mary Malone, and she's selling out of them fast. The solid green is my favorite but she has other colors too! They are $10 right now.

2. Beautiful seasonal wall art from SweetLittleOnesShop. Her prints are so gorgeous, and inexpensive at $5 ea. These would go great in a child's room or the dining room!

I'm planning to do a whole post with our favorite Easter books and more book ideas, so keep an eye out for that too!
3. I have been loving the idea of sacrifice beads ever since I read Story of a Soul, and I LOVE that these have peg dolls on the end! What a cute idea that makes it even more appealing to children. These memento mori St Michael sacrifice beads would be great for a teenage boy!

4. I love this sticker for middle school aged kids, it'd go great on a water bottle, lunchbox, or laptop. It is currently listed at $3.50, so a great price! Any kind of sweet stickers like this would make a lovely inexpensive addition. Glory Be Prints also has some really adorable saint stickers for kids in many designs.

5. These adorable Easter bows! I cannot even. Peter Rabbit!!!

6. 5 Inch Wall crucifix by Rough 2 Rustic, one of the most popular Catholic woodworking shops. These are very unique and would be lovely in a child's room.

7. Adorable Spring hair clips by No. 9 Designs

Just for fun

1. Peg dolls are a sweet item to collect and add to Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, etc. Grand Expression has a really large selection of dolls for $12.50 ea.

2. These key fobs which would be perfect for holding chapstick, a rosary, or other small items. Mention Zelie & Co and the first five orders will have a Burt's Bees lip balm added to their order. Many of these items are from the Zelie & Co group of Catholic artists and artisans!

3. Kathleen Caswell is making beautifully painted Easter baskets, in case you want a dedicated basket to save and use just for Easter each year.

4. These Our Lady of Guadalupe bracelets are really bright and fun for a young girl! I love the colors, may have to get one for my daughter. These are a great price too, currently listed at $5 ea!

5. Personalized bunny name tags, these are adorable and look so well made! You could do these for the whole family as place cards for your Easter feast!

For Grown Ups

I hesitated to include this section because I roll my eyes at the thought of making Easter baskets for grown ups, but to be honest the past few years I have bought small items for myself or other family members, so here are some items for grown ups that are on MY wish list

It is so unique, and I love the blue. I also love this phrase of hers.

2. This hair scarf by Telosart

Pretty much anything by Telosart is on my list. Have you seen her jewelry? She imports the most gorgeous rare pendants from France, and makes such beautiful creations. Probably my current favorite Catholic jewelry artisan.

3. I probably haven't mentioned that I collect bookmarks have I? I do. I love 'em. This ribbon bookmark is beautiful!


That's my list! Do you have more to add that you think would be a good fit? Put em in the comments!