Our Favorite Easter (& Bunny) Books

I'll be honest friends, as I write this, I have big sad feelings about Easter this year. It's going to look a lot different than we're used to. Churches are closed. We cannot spend time with family and friends. We are mourning the loss of normal and the loss of all those suffering at the hands of this virus.

It hurts that there isn't more that I can do. I spend my days educating and playing with my children, gardening, cooking, and planning meals for my family. I keep up with the latest news and just spending time in prayer. While I can't bring those joyful normal Easter things back (to be honest, I can't even FIND many of these after our recent move...) I can share with you some Easter books we love and read to our children, and the ones I'm putting in their baskets this year. So that is what I'll do, and that is what this post is for.

Our Favorites:

1. Home For a Bunny is very cute, it is about a bunny looking for a home. He tries the homes of various animals, until finally he meets another bunny who welcomes him in.

2. The Easter Story by Brian Wildsmith is one of my favorite religious Easter books for children. The art is fantastic, and it is told through the eyes of the donkey.

3. If I Were A Rabbit
This was given to us by a friend when my first daughter was a baby. It's a very soft touch and feel

4. The Runaway Bunny to be honest I have mixed feelings about The Runaway Bunny. I love Margaret Wise Brown, and this is a classic. The illustrations are adorable. But why does this bunny want to run away from his mother? And yes she loves him but the extent to which she pursues him is intense. It's a family favorite and a lovely book, so it made the list, but it's always a bit odd to read.

5. A Beatrix Potter Treasury is an absolute delight. This is enjoyed by all ages, and it is not really Easter specific but it does have spring wildlife so I'm including it in this list. We have several of the books individually, but we also have this treasury which is a collection of 10 lovely stories of hers. One of my best thrift scores to date.

6. I Am A Bunny is one of my favorite books to read to little ones Easter or not. It's a long board book so super easy to hold with a child on your lap. It teaches about the seasons, it's short and sweet, there are parts that I can make interactive (or not) and the bright colorful illustrations are a delight.

Easter Books I Want to Read:

1. The Easter Egg by Jann Brett
I love Jann Brett's illustrations and had no idea she had an Easter book!

2. Marshmallow
This one I actually ordered for my kids' Easter basket this year, the cover looks so sweet and it's a Caldecott honor book.

3. Marjorie Flack is another illustrator that I love, and this book looks really sweet!

4. I can't remember if we've ever had this one or not, I don't think so, but I like the cover style.

5. My First Easter by Tommy DePaolo, I actually ordered this one for my children and am waiting for it to arrive!

Easter Coloring & Educational Books

1. The art style of this Easter Coloring Book for Preschoolers is really cute

2. This looks like a great Catholic activity book option, and the drawings are very kid-friendly.


Any other Easter books that are treasured by your family? I'd love to hear more so I can add them to my list for future years!