Easter Meals for a 'Stay at Home' Celebration

Easter is going to look a lot different this year, and though there is great sadness in that, we must continue on and celebrate in the best way that we possibly can given the current restrictions and guidelines. After all, in the words of Pope Saint John Paul II, "We are an Easter people, and Hallelujah is our song."

As Catholics, one of the ways that we celebrate is by feasting. Some items are in high demand this year, making that more difficult, but keeping that in mind I have created some ideas for a delicious Easter meal whether you want to go all out, or enjoy some delicious basics.

I've split them into categories, and difficulty. You don't have to choose something from every category of course, just do what sounds good to you. Most of these items can be saved and eaten throughout the week as a snack or lunch, or you can just make smaller quantities.


- veggie tray, or cut up carrots and celery with ranch dressing

- deviled eggs (eat the leftovers for a protein snack during the work week)

- bacon wrapped asparagus

- Crackers & cheese. If it's just you and your spouse, you could even make a fancy charcuterie your Easter meal


- Ham. Use some and freeze the rest. Or get a single ham slice (they sell those in packages) and fry up pieces in a pan with potatoes.

- Ham and cheese sandwiches on Hawaiian sweet rolls would be a delicious easy thing to make.

- Macaroni and cheese (with ham? with bacon? plain? as a side dish? the possibilities are endless, but you could make a ham mac and cheese for your Easter meal and no one would be sorry)

- Lamb chops are a fancy meal for two

- Lamb burgers are still in fitting with the theme, and may be easier to make and do for a couple or small family

- Pasta carbonara would make a delicious fancy (and easy) Easter meal for a single person, and it's great for a family too.


- Easy Fancy Green beans

- Roasted asparagus

- Waldorf salad

- Glazed carrots

- Frozen peas ;)

- Creamed spinach

- Pan fried pineapple slices

- Instant Pot Mashed potatoes

- Baked potato or sweet potato

- Scalloped potatoes

- Carrot raisin salad

- Cornbread

- Rolls


- Carrot cake (perhaps not the most practical, but if you have a large family and a dairy cow, this is the quintessential Easter dessert in my opinion)

- Pineapple upside down cake

- Fancy jello, with whipped cream or canned fruit inside

- Easter candy


- Carving a butter lamb is fun. Butter is in high demand this year, but I have seen butter lambs in our stores.

- Coloring Easter eggs can still be done at home

Is your family doing something special or different this year? You all are in my thoughts and prayers as we navigate this new, different, somber sort of Holy week 2020.