March 2020 Book Review

It's April 1st so of course it's time for my April book post! I have to say, I did not read that much this month! Between everything going on in the world and a lot of deadline assignments, I just didn't do as much reading. We've been focusing on homeschooling, starting our garden seeds, praying lots and staying sane. I hope this post finds you all well as we prepare to go into this first month of REAL Spring.

So let's dive in to what we read:

Grown Up Books

1. Lovely War by Julie Berry. I was unsure of this book almost the whole time that I was reading it. I nearly gave it up after the first few pages which involved a really cheesy hotel scene that made me think it was a typical romance novel. It was part of the Everyday Reading book club, and after seeing Jannsen talk about it I decided to give it another chance, and it was a very entertaining read. It did veer on cheesy and typical story line, and I wasn't in love with the Greek gods subplot.

There were parts that veered on heretical because they involved a character that they said was a Catholic priest, and this is one of my pet peeves in literature and movies-- if you're going to have a Catholic character, do it right, make them ACTUALLY Catholic.

All that being said, it was a fun "beach read" kind of story, and I'm a sucker for historical fiction, so I kept up with it and enjoyed the listen. For my full thoughts on all parts of the book, check out my Instagram story highlights.


2. This one I'm still in the middle of, so I don't know that I'd count it for April's books but I'm including it here since it has been just fantastic. Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (listen free on YouTube!) was a book that I was both excited for and a little hesitant to start, because I struggled with Thomas Kempis' Imitation of Christ and how to apply the principles it contained to my vocation as a mother.

This book has so far been much easier, better, and really more befitting all vocations and less directed towards monastic living. It has helped me grow spiritually and understand God better. I haven't been sharing my read-along reviews and updates, because I wasn't sure that my non-Catholic followers would be interested and I try to keep things balanced... however this was probably a mistake and perhaps I'll share more about it in the future since I'm really getting so much out of it. Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is an excellent book that I'd highly recommend. Thank you to Mariette for this recommendation.

Children's Books

My husband read a lot of children's books to the kids this month, so I'll include those ones too since they're part of our family reading repertoire.

1. I Am A Bunny, read over and over, because it is Spring and toddlers love it.

2. The Boxcar Children read by my eldest child on her own. This is one of our all time favorite children's chapter book series. I read it myself growing up, and now my children are enjoying it (and I am rereading these old favorites!).


3. Thumbelina, read to the children by my husband. They loved the story and hated the mole.

4. DK kid's cookbook is excellent. My daughter made the french toast recipe this morning, and we're planning to try the coconut cookies soon!

5. The Random House Children's Treasury is a long time favorite of ours. I especially like reading short stories from this to the children before bed.

6. Lentil has been on request recently! It's a sweet little book, and my son thinks Old Sneep is the funniest character. This one is enjoyable for both kids and parents and has a good message that you don't have to be a big important grown up to help in a meaningful way.

7. Beatrix Potter will always be a favorite in our home, and this book is especially good for this Spring / Easter season. A recent favorite has been Squirrel Nutkin, a story about a naughty little squirrel teasing an owl.

What have you been reading this month? I'd love to hear in the comments!