Books We Read April 2020

1. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

This book was very cute. It is like a good 90's chick flick in book form. Not intellectual or educational, but not badly written, and a fun read. This wasn't a book I would've chosen for myself, but I read it as part of the Every Day Reading book club and I was glad that I did! Very enjoyable quarantine light read.

I also read Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Giver of Stars by JoJo Moyes but am still working through both, so I'm not officially including them in this book post.

2. Field & Feast: Sublime Food from a Brave New Farm

This book was a delight to read, given to me by Bodie's cousin & my dear friend Linda. I have sticky-note marked so many recipes to try! When I was writing this, it was listed for a pretty incredible price so if you're looking for a new cookbook to dive into, it's worth checking out!

Children's Books:

1. Paint by Stickers

I am so glad to have discovered these books (thank you again Every Day Reading), it has been responsible for hours of educational fun for my six year old. I have a book haul where I show a couple pages of this on my IGTV, so if you would like to see what it's like inside check it out over there.

2. Cinderella

We read this, and many other cartoon character kid's books that I will spare you the list of. At one point I looked over and next to me on the couch were my two daughters, each reading a different copy of Cinderella. It was charming.

3. The Jolly Barnyard

One of our favorite early elementary farm life books, this is about sweet Farmer Brown, which happens to be my maiden name, so it is especially dear to us.

4. Daddies

My children looove this book. It is so sweet, and all about the different jobs that Daddies do.

5. Children's Bible

We give our children small bibles like this to flip through when we're doing long family prayers (see our prayer routine here) and during quarantine Sundays when we watch mass on TV.

6. Knock Knock Who's There

A first little kid's book of knock knock jokes, these are very cute and are in a "lift the flap" style. I liked this the first few times, and we've now read it a thousand, but my kids continue to love it which makes ME love it still.

7. My First I Can Draw

This is another activity book that we got from Book Outlet, and it has really good drawing tutorials for kids! For us this was a great alternative to Youtube drawing tutorials for children, which are also fun, but which I rarely want to supervise, so this book works well for our family.

8. Dinosaurs

My cousin gave this to us (possibly from the Boston Children's Museum?) and we love it! My girls enjoy this just as much as my son.

9. Eyewitness Insects

This list is getting heavy on DK books, but truly we are a Doris Kinderling family. This was a gift too, and my eldest is loving it especially.


That's about it! What have you been reading this month? I'd love to hear!