Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is fast approaching, and things are looking a little different this year. Not all of us will be able to spend the day with our fathers due to quarantine, and shipping times are slower on many of our favorite online stores.

If you've put off shopping for Dad until this point, you may want to consider some of these last minute gift ideas that don't require shipping or even much advanced planning. Whatever you give the fathers in your life, doing something special for them on this day is a lovely tradition that shows the importance of fatherhood in our families and society.

- A cooler full of meals

We've given this to my parent's before and they loved it, and it is what I'm planning to do for them again this father's day. If you cook a lot and your dad doesn't, this is a great gift option.

- A subscription service

Some examples of fun subscriptions you could get a month or year for are:
      Audible (audio-books)
      Flaviar (alcohol)
      Digital software (such as Photoshop, or InDesign)
      Online research journals he's interested in
      Skillshare (so he can take interesting classes online)

- A bottle of his favorite alcohol, or a case of beer

Many local liquor stores will even deliver!

- That video game he's been wanting

Most video games are available as digital downloads. I know that many women are opposed to these, but video games have many benefits and though there can be bad ones, I think many are a fine form of entertainment, or even a fun way to spend family time together on a rainy day. 

- Fancy salami, cheese, or other grocery goodies

For years I've been buying special treats for my husband, father, and FIL for their Christmas stockings, but why not get some for Father's Day too? I'm sure it would be well appreciated

Have more ideas? I'd love to hear in the comments!