Well Designed Wednesday

New Project - Well Designed Wednesday! 

Well Designed Wednesday is a new weekly effort to highlight and showcase excellence in design and illustration. This effort will show the amazing work done by creatives, and share with businesses and people all over just how amazing illustration design can be in enhancing and beautifying products and other materials.

This curated design post is something that will take place each week mainly on Instagram, so if you are not follow @michellesolomonart over there, I recommend you do so to get these updates.

In order to submit for Well Designed Wednesday, you may tag me or use the hashtag #welldesignedwednesday and I will make new selections each week.

This week I am featuring designs by:

- Kelsey Collings Design who is represented by Bright Illustraton

- Victoria Sawdon

- Saabinaal Caraz

Castlefield Design

- Vivi Campos

- Type By Alice

and I encourage you all to take a look at their beautiful work both chosen for Well Designed Wednesday, and on their websites.

I look forward to seeing what future work these amazing artisans produce, and I can't wait until next week!

Our next Well Designed Wednesday is going to be themed... Men's Beard Balms!