How to create a custom family recipe book with PrestoPhoto

Note: Prestophoto gifted me a photo book in exchange for this post. All thoughts, opinions, etc. are honest and my own.

Just before dinner time in my house, there is a good chance you'll find me nose-deep in a recipe book or website, discovering new techniques and referring back to old favorites.

I love to cook, and this love is one that I enjoy sharing with my children who often help me prepare our meals.

It is important to me that as my children grow, each of them learns basic cooking skills and how to make some of our family's favorite foods. 

To that end, I was delighted with the idea of a family cookbook that contained all of our favorite recipes, that we could refer back to and perhaps even pass down to the next generation. I had made something like this before, as a wedding gift for my cousin with family recipes from both sides, and the gift was a hit! I wanted one for our family, and Prestophoto provided the perfect opportunity for this!

The process of creating the book was simple, and when I hit a snag the team was responsive and helpful and I sorted out my problem in no time. They provided beautiful templates, so all I had to do was put in our recipes and photos to create this beautiful book.

The options for printing are lovely, and I'm so happy with the shiny cover and the size that I chose. This book is large enough that I can balance it open and read while I cook, and it even has extra blank pages in the back for our family to write in additional recipes in the future. 

These recipe books are a great thing to make for yourself, give as a gift to a loved one, or organize your recipes to pass down to your children. If you'd like to make one through Prestophoto, you can find the link right here.

If you'd like to see some of the recipes I've included, you can find many of them on my blog.

Have you ever made a custom recipe book? If so I'd love to hear what your experience was like!