What’s in my hospital bag?

 I recently polled you all on stories asking if you’d like to see more posts about family and our life, and many did!

So for the first lifestyle post this year, I’ve put together a list of what is essential for a hospital bag (almost nothing), and some fun extras I like to have.

You can customize this to items that work for you, but here are my faves:

Essential items to pack for the hospital:

1. Car Seat

2. Something for the baby to wear home

3. Something for you to wear home 

4. Phone + charger 

Giving birth in 2021 looks a little different than previous years!

Things that will make your hospital stay with baby easier:

1. Toiletries: chapstick, hair ties, hair brush, face wash, moisturizer, travel sized shampoo and conditioner, razor, toothpaste, toothbrush. Bring only the things you’d use for the most basic of routines. I always forget the shampoo and conditioner and regret it! 

2. Any snacks or drinks you’d love to have— but don’t go crazy. This time around I brought seltzer and Gatorade, though I would’ve done fine without either of them. 

Our hospital has surprisingly delicious food so I don’t bring snacks or order takeout. I think in past births my husband has brought me fancy coffees, but this time around I just skipped coffee for a few days and it was a nice break. 

3. An extra outfit for you and baby just in case

4. Headphones. I listened to an audiobook in the hospital, and in the past I’ve watched Netflix, so headphones are nice to have. 

5. Baby blanket (I love muslin for summer and warm minky fabric for winter) 

6. Any birth inspirational or religious items you’d like. I bring a small relic (this time was of St Padre Pio, but in the past I brought one from St Gerard Majella), Holy water in case we need to do an emergency baptism, and a rosary since we pray one every night.

 With one of my children I wrote down a few birth affirmations and brought a book with inspirational birth stories. These were nice to have and I know some Moms really enjoy having this kind of encouragement during labor. 

That’s about it! What do you like to pack in your hospital bag? Let me know in the comments <3