How to overcome creative block and succeed in a creative career

One of the biggest challenges for artists, writers, and creatives is chasing times of inspiration, and struggling with creative block when feeling uninspired.

I remember even in high school not knowing how to begin an essay, and feeling like the right words wouldn’t come.

While it would be nice if we artists could flip a switch and be in peak flow state on command, most of us don’t work like that. 

We have times of inspiration, times where we have to sit down and create... and the two don’t always overlap.

When writer’s block hits and you have work to get done, here are some tips and tricks to beat creative block for good!

  • Just get started, even if you have to go back and erase later. Put something down on paper, that’s the first step and the hardest part. If you need to, start with a sketch or outline. If you have no ideas, just start anywhere and see where it goes.
  • Make sure you’ve eaten, hydrated, and had enough sleep
  • Step outside for five minutes! Fresh air can seriously offer a change of perspective.
  • DONT start looking for inspiration, it’s nice to create when inspiration hits, but you need to be able to create even when you’re not in that place. Chasing inspiration is how creatives get stuck!

Did these help? Do you have more tips? I’d love to hear them in the comments!