How to build a successful art career in 2021

What does it take to build a successful art career today? This is a question that many artists are asking themselves, and I'll go over what I have found to be the key to building a creative career in this post!

1. Skills

This does not mean natural talent or inherent ability. You do not have to be born a natural artists, in fact many great artists weren't! None of us are born with great art skills, they are something that we develop as we learn and grow. Building a great art career requires focusing on building your skills and honing your craft.

2. Consistency

The difference between a hobbyist and an artist on their way to success is consistency! Practice creating on a regular basis, whether that is every day or every week.

3. Bravery

Being a good artist means being brave enough to be a not-so-good artist first! In order to grow and become great, you have to be willing to start small, where you are, and take that first step in your artist's journey.

4. Trust

You have an eye for beauty and goodness. Trusting your intuition both while you are creating and in business decisions you make will serve you well. Trust in yourself!

5. Willingness to learn

A successful creative never stops learning! Whether it's new art skills, how to market yourself, a new technique... being a lifelong learner will keep your art career thriving!

6. Taking Action

If you create beautiful work but never show a soul, you're depriving the world of something wonderful. Take action, show your work, and show up for yourself & your business!