First Art Show in 10 Years

10 years! I can hardly believe it. As many of you know, I had a big break in my art career. After high school when I decided not to go to art school for college, I mostly stopped painting and creating art.

Then after my third baby was born, as I looked through Julia Rothman’s beautiful illustrated Farm Anatomy and Food Anatomy books, I was inspired to start creating again.

I started slowly, then had a few clients, sold some greeting cards, and this year decided to jump back into an art show and see how I liked it.

It was a local show, and it was a great experience. I went in very skeptical about both the theme of the show, and the “art crowd”, but I was pleasantly surprised and even made a friend.

I didn’t sell the piece that I entered, but that’s okay, it can easily go in another show or be sold privately. If you’re interested in it you can let me know ;)

I’m thinking it might be a good match for a Public Works or Recycling facility piece of art!

All in all, I am so glad that I pushed through the fear and went for it. This was a huge step and I doubted myself so many times along the way, but it was really fun and felt great to be back in the game.

It was also really empowering to have the support of my family! My husband, children, and mom all came to the opening of the show.

If you have a childhood love or goal that you’d like to accomplish, I say go for it! It’s great to dedicate time to doing something you’re passionate about, and there is definitely room for you and your perspective. 

Would you ever do an art show? Let me know in the comments!