*New* Stationery Set in the Lenten Catholic Mom's Bundle

printable catholic stationery lent


Less than one month until Lent starts! March 2 is Ash Wednesday, and this is the year to be prepared for it. I've teamed up with Lorelei Worlund and several amazing mothers to bring you this year's Lenten Catholic Mom Bundle!

In this year's bundle from me is a whole new stationery set. You get cute stationery sheets to include with meal deliveries, a planner sheet to start your Lent on the right track, spiritual bouquet printables, and printable water bottle wrappers with Bible quotes that I absolutely love for church events, or handing out water bottles in the hot months. 

The bundle is $25, and I'm so excited for all these products. I'll be sharing on social how I use several of these, and what I think of them. You can purchase the bundle here through my affiliate link.

Here are all the products included in the bundle by category with a short description:


  • Befriend the Saints with “Catholic Saints Crafts and Activities Packet for Kids” by Real Life at Home

  • Serve others, serve God with “Christ's Hands and Feet - Lenten Challenge” by Just Love Prints

  • Engage your students “Lent Activity Bundle for Catholic Kids” by The Kennedy Adventures

  • Color and pray with “Lent Coloring Page Bundle” by The Little Rose Shop

  • Decorate your planner with “Lent Planner Sticker Bundle” by Home by Washington

  • Ponder our relationship with God with “Lent Reflection Booklets & ABCs” by Adventures of a 4th Grade Classroom

  • Discover the Saints with “Lent with the Saints 24 Coloring Page Bundle” by Catholic Paper Goods

  • Equip your classroom or schoolroom with “Lent/Easter Booklet + Prayer Table Pack” by Maryvale Press

  • Decorate your home with “Lenten Art and Prayer Printables” by Kolbe’s Little Flowers

  • Root your children in the season with “Lenten bundle + bonus for mom” by Seeds for Sainthood

  • Grow in intimacy with God with “Lenten Prayer Images and Meditations” by Leanne Bowen

  • Practice penmanship with “March and April Catholic Copywork” by Minds and Hearts

  • Celebrate the season of Lent with “Meatless Meals, Lenten Feast Days, and Easter Triduum” by His Girl Sunday

  • Enter the penitential season with “Stations of the Cross cards and Confession Guide for Kids” by Catholic Homebody


  • Track feast days and liturgical seasons with  “2022 Printable Planner Pack” by Sincerely Ari

  • Practice gratitude with “Count Your Blessings Printable” by Rough2Rustic

  • Plan, track and plant with “Garden Planner” by Elizabeth Clare

  • Give 10 minutes to the Lord with “God you are in Everything” by Small Things Gr8 Love

  • Find beauty in the broken with “God's Kintsugi: A Catholic Devotional for Moms of Differently Wired Kids” by Not So Formulaic

  • Seek whole-person health with “Holy & Hard: 75 Days Hard for Holy Souls” by Catholic Wellness Mom

  • Nurture your marriage with “Marriage Bundle” by Surprised by Marriage

  • Build confidence in the kitchen with “Meal Plan and Prep Video Workshop” by Active Purpose

  • Learn embroidery for beginners with “Pray, Fast, Give Embroidery Pattern” by Happy Nest Home Goods

  • Process your grief with “Present in the Pain - A Catholic retreat for grieving mothers” by Eileen Tully

  • Write and reflect with “Sacred Lettering Workbook” by Little Way Design Co

Family Faith

  • Pray as a family with “Chaplet of St. Joseph Guide” by With a Joyful Heart

  • Celebrate feast days all year with “Marian Activity Bundle” by Call Her Happy

  • Present God’s word to kids with “Pray with Scripture for Your Family” by Someday Saints

  • Create a visual prayer aid with “Revolving Rosary and Novena Prayer Cards” by Arma Dei

  • Explore faith-filled emotional regulation with “Saints & Scripture for Our Emotions” by Interior Kingdom

  • Engage and educate with “Seven Sacraments Lapbook” by Sara J Creations

  • Express your testimony with “Sharing Faith: How to Tell your Witness Story to Your Children” by Colleen Pressprich

  • Serve others, serve God with “Works of Mercy Stationery Set” by Michelle Solomon Art

Young Kids

  • Engage in sensory play with “Catholic Play Dough Mats” by Ginny and Saje

  • Craft with your kids with “God's Wonderful World Creation Craft Kit” by To Jesus Sincerely

  • Entertain and engage your kids with “Good Shepherd Video Series” by Faith and Puppets

  • Teach your littles with “Saintly Alphabet Flash Cards / Coloring Sheets” by Worthy of Agape

  • Do adorable activities for littles with “Spring Bundle Children’s Printables” by Saintly Heart

  • Introduce your kids to St. Joseph with “St. Joseph Bundle: Story + Activity sheets” by Gilda Rose

Older Kids

  • Empower your girls with “Be Yourself: Catholic Girl's Coloring Pages” by Prayer Wine Chocolate

  • Grow in virtue with “Living the Beatitudes: a collection for middle schoolers” by Faith That Works

  • Take an at-home pilgrimage with “The Wanderlust Catholic - 2 digital months” by Annunciation Designs

  • Educate with the Saints with “U.S. Holy Men and Women Collection Pack” by Divine Inspiration Art


  • Beautify your literary life with “Catholic Saints Bookmarks Bundle” by Loubird Creations

  • Center your home in faith with “Home Altar Guide And Lenten Home Altar” by Catholic Icing

  • Decorate kids’ rooms with “Our Holy Friends in Heaven Printables” by Catholic Creations

  • Behold truth, goodness, and beauty with “Sacred Art Prints” by Joyous Dwelling

  • Adorn your home with “Stabat mater dolorósa” by Saint.ionery

Ordinarily, to buy each of these items from their wonderful makers would cost $812. But for 5 days we’re selling all our products as a bundle for only $25, which gives you a savings of 97%.

These products aren't marked up just to discount either, these are real moms coming together and discounting their good work to share with the larger community at a great rate for a limited time as part of this bundle.

If it sounds like a good fit, you can download the bundle here. If you have any questions about how to use your downloads or any of the products, just send me an e-mail at michellesolomonart@gmail.com!