Handwrytten: A service for handwritten thank you notes

[Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Handwrytten. All photos are from Handwrytten’s website. All thoughts, opinions, etc are honest and my own.]

A handwritten note is one of the best ways to express gratitude and other sentiments.

As a greeting card designer and a lover of “snail mail”, I’ve long preferred sending a personalized note to an e-mail.

Letters are just so much fun to send and receive! I know that when I worked as a receptionist, one of my favorite work tasks was to go through the mail, and the special handwritten notes truly stood out.

For business use:

In the business world, we used handwritten notes and cards to connect with clients too. These personalized notes are so much better than sending an e-mail!

When I heard about Handwrytten, an online service that sends personalized cards, it seemed like such a great option!

Handwrytten thank you note writing service would be ideal for business client thank yous, in which you need to send out a large number but still want to add a personal touch.

Handwrytten says that their cards arrive in about 3-5 days, which is the perfect amount of time to say thank you after a business luncheon or client meeting.


I also considered that this way of sending “handwritten” notes might be an excellent option to increase accessibility for those who are unable to physically write notes by hand, for example if arthritic pain makes writing too difficult. 

Handwriting robots! 

The way that Handwrytten works is pretty amazing. They have “handwriting robots” with a unique patented design that can help businesses send beautiful thank you notes in a large scale capacity.

The sender simply visits the Handwrytten website, inputs the message they’d like written, and chooses from the many beautiful card designs.

They offer different subscription based plans, as well as integrations with other related softwares such as CDK, Hubspot, and Salesly.

The robots (which are capable of writing 500 cards a day each!) then use a real pen to write out the note. 

There is no Handwrytten branding on the notes that you send, though the return address will reflect their location in Arizona.

What about pricing?

From Handwrytten’s website: “Handwrytten has pricing options for any budget. All of our cards are available without a contract. Simply sign in and start sending. If you plan on sending many notes, we also offer subscription plans, bulk discounts, and prepay options.

Card pricing begins at $3.25, and most cards are $3.75 plus postage.

Handwrytten also offers a service where  you can include gift cards in your handwritten notes (such as for Starbucks or Amazon), which is such a sweet way to say thank you for a business referral, or to send to clients for the holidays.

In conclusion:

While nothing can compare to a note written by hand and sent personally, this service is a lovely option for attractive bulk mailing of thank you notes or other sentiments.

I definitely recommend keeping them in mind for your business thank you notes!