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Note: Normally, illustrators are hesitant to list prices on their websites because they vary so greatly based on project. I wanted to provide this list of services so that you would be aware of what I can offer and what you might expect to pay. If you are interested in long term client rates or negotiations, please send me an e-mail at

For all listed below consider these prices for non-exclusive rights, but please contact me if you'd like a particular commission or exclusive rights piece. I am also open to trades and barters so get in touch if you're interested in that!

- Social Media Graphic: $50
- Book Cover: $200, if people and animals $500
- E-book illustrations: $25-75 per page with hand lettering or drawing on it
- Blog Graphic: $50
- Editorial illustration: $100+ depending on size and complexity
- Custom Fabric Pattern Design: $50
- Custom Greeting Card: $75 + price of cards
- Custom Sticker Design: $100
- Custom Coloring Page: $100
- Illustrated Recipe: $100
- Custom Printable: $50
- Custom Art Print: $75-200
- Custom Hand Lettering Print: $25 + price of print

- Custom Brand Non-Exclusive Illustrations: $1,200
       ~ 1 blog header illustration
       ~ 10 social media graphics (choice of subject type eg holidays, green, beauty, etc)
       ~ 10 motivational quotes lettered

- Custom Exclusive Brand Package: $5,000
       ~ 1 custom portrait
       ~ 10 custom illustrated social media graphics
       ~ 10 custom hand lettered quotes
       ~ 1 custom promotional product or fabric illustration

- Product illustrations: varies, e-mail me
- Book Illustrations: varies, royalties usually preferred, e-mail me

Custom products that I can illustrate for you: tee shirts, water bottles, coffee cups / mugs, stickers, notebooks, shower curtains, beauty products, product labels, food and drink labels, custom art prints, tote bags, phone cases, & many more!

Please note that this list is just a guide, please reach out to me and let's create something beautiful together!


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