10 Homemade Mother's Day Gift Ideas:

1. A home cooked meal or baked good

We gave my parents a freezer full of home cooked meals for Christmas. They LOVED it! Need some freezer meal ideas? Here are some of my favorites.

2. A bouquet of flowers from your garden (or support a local farmer!)

3. A hand drawn piece of art 

You could make a black pen or watercolor drawing of your childhood home, her favorite pet, or something else she cherishes. Tutorial on how to do this coming soon.

4. Homemade cocktail mixers!

I'm eyeing you, apricot bellini! See some ideas here.

5. A pressed flower bookmark

6. A handwritten, heartfelt, note

Truly one of the best gifts you could give. And hey, I have notecards for that!

7. The gift of a chore 

(Once we can go to each other's houses again). Help her paint that room, or fix up that garden bed, or clean out the garage. For now, you could give her a coupon or an IOU. Just don't forget to make good on it!

8. Be her personal shopper 

Does your Mom struggle to find clothes online for herself? Does she need help choosing decor for a room? Give her a chunk of your time and help her shop.

9. Homemade canned or candied goods 

Make a great jam? If not, candied pecans are easy and delicious and make a great gift! We love this recipe.

10. Tech help

Update her itunes, set up her cloud, organize her photos or tidy her desktop... this is a job no one wants to do, and would be a very sweet Mother's day present for Mom.

Have any more ideas? I'd love to hear what kind of handmade gifts you've given in the comments!